Delivering flexible solutions

Denholm UK Logistics is committed to providing customers with optimal solutions for warehousing, handling, haulage and distribution. Operating from port centric facilities, our extensive knowledge and experience enables us to provide an excellent service that exceeds customers' expectations.

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With a number of strategically located facilities either close to or within major ports, Denholm UK Logistics provide port centric solutions for the receiving, handling, storing and distributing of goods around the UK.  

In all, 1.5 million square feet of warehousing is available together with 20 acres of open storage. In addition, over 100 vehicles are in operation completing over 120,000 container moves each year, allowing customers to benefit from a truly comprehensive range of warehousing and distribution services.

Each facility is resourced with the assets and people to meet the requirements of the customers they serve and the cargoes they handle, which range from consumer goods to bulk cargoes including forest products and steel.