Steeped in history

Denholm UK Logistics is a subsidiary of J. & J. Denholm Limited, whose heritage dates back to 1866.  Formed by brothers James and John Denholm, it is still controlled by their descendants today.

In 2018, the merger of two long established Denholm companies - Denholm Transport and Denholm Handling - created Denholm UK Logistics to bring together a wealth of experience and depth of knowledge in each of their specialist areas to provide an outstanding resource to the marketplace.  

Denholm Handling brings over one hundred years of history specifically in the warehousing industry, with the original business at its core trading since 1917. This vast knowledge and experience have helped create a business that provides truly innovative and cost effective supply chain solutions.

Denholm Transport was formed following the strategic acquisition of Bahr Behrend's transport division in 1993. The company was renamed to Denholm Transport in 2003 and, today, continues to provide access to a long established network of regional transport partners across the country while offering customers all the advantages of experience, knowledge, expertise and capacity. 

This impressive history underpins the success and strength of the company, and its collective longevity is testament to how Denholm companies engage with customers and adapt to the meet the needs of the each customer and the demands of a continually evolving marketplace.

Denholm UK Logistics is a full service logistics company serving the whole of the United Kingdom.